Meeting rooms at EH20 Business Centre offer high-speed video conferencing for businesses in Dalkeith

Dalkeith businesses looking for contemporary meeting venues consider EH20 Business Centre.

The benefits of renting meeting space at EH20 Business Centre

Are you a Dalkeith business looking for meeting space? Here at EH20 Business Centre, our recently renovated and updated meeting spaces are available to hire to businesses, freelancers, start-ups and sole traders looking for a quality venue for their meetings.

With high-speed internet access and a secure connection for your confidential meetings, you can be assured that your meetings will convey a professional impression, allowing you to take your business to the next level. This good impression begins at the front entrance, where all of your guests will be met by our professional reception staff and guided to the correct meeting venue.

In addition, we offer a catering service to ensure refreshments are never far away during longer meetings.

EH20 Business Centre is conveniently located close to Edinburgh’s city centre and airport.

Getting to EH20 Business Centre is easy for anyone based in Dalkeith. We are only 5 minutes from Edinburgh’s bypass and on many different bus routes.

We are also situated close to Edinburgh Airport, meaning clients can be in your office within an hour of landing and do not have to travel through the busy city centre first.

As businesses in and around Dalkeith continue to grow, meeting space will become more of a premium, so we always ensure our service is the best available and our rooms are always ready for you with the highest levels of service. Our priority is to ensure all you have to do here is focus on your work.

When looking to hire meeting space at a convenient location for employees and clients in Dalkeith, EH20 Business Centre is a perfect place to start. Give us a call now to find out more about what we can offer and help your business grow on 0330 6845 122 or click here to contact us online.

Looking for Meeting Rooms in Dalkeith?

EH20 Business Centre near Dalkeith offers exceptionally high quality Meeting Rooms, delivering the same services and expectations you would have for any professional business centre. We offer all of this, with the added benefit of being situated near the peaceful Scottish countryside.

The town of Dalkeith grew out from Dalkeith Castle in the 12th century, becoming the administrative centre of Midlothian today. This busy hub of business mixes with local students and teachers from Edinburgh College’s Midlothian Campus, giving the town an active, energetic buzz.

Dalkeith also hosts a world-class visitor destination at Dalkeith Country Park, acting as a perfect area to relax and unwind, as well as having been host to large outdoor events like the Midstock Festival and Tough Mudder. As the town has grown, many businesses that service Dalkeith have grown with it, and require exceptional office space in which to work.

EH20 Business Centre offers the services many large city centre premises offer, but being situated on the outskirts of the hectic capital yet within easy access to Edinburgh Airport and train stations, it’s the perfect solution to the needs of growing businesses in Dalkeith.

You can experience great Meeting Rooms in the Dalkeith area with our serviced offices and proximity to everything you need to run your business. EH20 Business Centre has recently been upgraded and refurbished to reflect the expectations of modern offices, so when you are looking for Meeting Rooms in Dalkeith, we’re right up your street.

If you are looking to start or expand your business in Dalkeith and need Meeting Rooms, EH20 Business Centre offers a premium service just five minutes from the bypass and a world away from the stress of city-centre working.