Cool gadgets to improve office productivity this Christmas

Here’s EH20 Business Centre’s top pics for useful office gadgets this Christmas

There are gadgets, and there are gadgets.

They say the older you get, the less magical Christmas becomes. Here at EH20 Business Centre, we strongly disagree. The older you get, the more cool stuff you can buy, and this is fine with us.

Of course, there’s cool stuff and there’s useful stuff, and whilst we all enjoy kettles we can turn on with our phones, and water bottles that remind us when we’re thirsty (seriously), the development of new technology has increased our ability to do more, and do it better.

Here are our top gadgets to improve your office life.

Multiple screens for your laptop

Are you used to working with two or maybe even three screens? This is increasingly common these days as it means we aren’t having to constantly minimise windows in order to see other applications. Word in one window, Premier Pro in another and maybe Netflix in a third (don’t worry, we won’t tell on you). It’s frustrating when you switch to your laptop and have only one screen, which is why we think this gadget from PackedPixels looks amazing.

This dinky gizmo lets you connect other screens to your laptop, so you can have your office environment when you are out and about. We definitely think this is an idea that will catch on soon.

Sit up straight at the back!

For those of us who do most of our work at a desk, our posture is something we probably don’t think too much about – until it’s too late and we end up with back or neck pain. The Lumo Lift has been designed to tell you when you are slouching, and so hopefully saving you aches down the way. A little sensor clips onto your clothing and through a connection with your smartphone, will vibrate gently when your posture starts to deteriorate. A better posture leads to better concentration, which is great for a busy office.

There are loads more gadgets we’d love to try out, like adjustable height desks, wireless charging mousepad and mice, and even window mounted solar chargers for your phone. But we’ll just have to wait and see what Santa brings us this year…

Merry Christmas to everyone from us here at EH20 Business Centre!

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