Get 2019 off to a great start with the best food for your brain

Focus your business acumen in 2019 with these amazing brain foods

Keep your brain supercharged with these amazing foods

Well that’s it for another year. Your liver probably hasn’t forgiven you yet, and your stomach may very well be missing its daily dose of chocolate, but you made it through 2018!

Now 2019 looms large and, as you look at the to do list you made in 2018 thinking it was ages away, you might start to wonder how to gear up and crack on with the year ahead. First step is to finish off all the sweet treats Santa left you (it would be a shame to waste them, after all!) and start thinking about what you can easily add to your regular diet that has proven health benefits. A healthy mind and body means you can focus on your work and that’s our ultimate goal here at EH20 Business Centre: to give you everything you need to succeed.

So what kind of foods can you start eating to help your business brain kick into action?

The MIND diet, as reported on by the NHS, has given hopeful signs that by eating foods such as green leafy vegetables, berries, wholegrains and seafoods, whilst cutting down on red meats, cheese, pastries and sweets, you will help improve your brain function and reduce the risk of dementia .

Results from experiments have shown an association (but not a causation) between diet and improved brain function, but it is certainly a great diet to look into. Berries and nuts are easy to snack away on during work hours (and much healthier for you than a chocolate bar) so why not give this a shot in 2019?

Of course, there’s no one diet or type of food that will turn you into a genius, but a healthy diet with everything in moderation is the way to go. Spending too much time focusing on so-called superfoods (which don’t even have an official definition) can lead you down a dangerous rabbit hole.

There are lots of healthy ways to reduce weight gain and keep yourself mentally active and alert through the day, but it’s vital you research their claims first. This NHS website reviews some of the most popular diets – why not see if one takes your fancy this year?

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