Use EH20 Business Centre’s meeting spaces to keep working whatever the weather.


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Meetings are an everyday fact of working life now, no matter what industry you work in. Come rain or shine, we all have to attend them. Some meetings seem to go on and on and on with no end in sight, whilst others can be so focused and quick you don’t even have the opportunity to finish your coffee.

What does matter is the comfort and professionalism of your meeting space, and here at EH20 Business Centre we take pride in our rooms, and want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Our beautiful rooms are available to hire and are fully serviced, giving you the right environment to concentrate on the tasks at hand. We also offer catering facilities to help you through the day, all in a contemporary and recently refurbished office space.

EH20 Business Centre’s meeting spaces for hire are suitable for a wide range of people. Why not consider us for your office away days? It’s a great opportunity to get you off your PC and emails and into a fresh environment where you can think big and get to grips with what’s happening at work without the interruption of work itself.

Flawless, buffer-free video conferencing

Our meeting rooms are capable of bringing colleagues and clients together from across the world with their 200mbps high speed internet connection. Nobody wants to see pixelated CEOs or low-res marketing directors, so why compromise with a poor PC connection?

Our professional equipment and large screen TVs make video conferencing simple and effective, allowing you to give a great impression whilst being able to pay full attention to the task at hand (and not have to fiddle about with Skype).

We’re always happy to give prospective clients of EH20 Business Centre a tour and test of our facilities, so if you would like to pop up and see what we can offer you, just give us a call or an email and we’ll set things in motion.

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